Taste – Local Delicacies

In Naxos, it’s all about flavor and fresh ingredients!

Naxos, being the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades, has an important agricultural production and thus a wide variety of local products, produced all year round. The island is really famous in Greece for its tasty and full-flavoured varieties of cheese : Graviera, Anthotiro, Kefalotyri, Mizithra, Arseniko and Thylikotiri. Most of these varieties are not mass produced and are sold in local products shops in Chora and all over Naxos.

But a plate of different varieties of Cheese is unthinkable to be un-assorted. A glass of wine, a pint of Raki or just a beer must accompany it. Naxos produces exquisite wines, although in very short supply and also Raki, the alcoholic spirit that won’t let you go home alone! Try the wonderful “Raki with honey”, for a more mild, but equally strong in Alcohol taste. Naxos is -last but not least- famous for its unique “Kitro” drink, an aperitif made of citron leaves, that is either enjoyed alone or after a meal.

Finally, Naxos is well known for its potatoes and onions for their distinct taste. The Seed Potato Center was established between 1952-53, making the valley of Livadi the official area for potato seed production in Greece, thus after so much specialisation, the Naxian potatoes are considered the best in Greece and are available even abroad.

For the end we left the traditional Sweets and Treats! Xerotigana and melachrino are two of the most well-known traditional dessert of Naxos. The first is a kind of fried dumplings and the second is a kind of walnut pie, with a small quantity of the citron liqueur, and it’s usually served with fresh kaimaki ice cream. Naxos also offers a great variety of spoon sweets such as sour cherry, citron, quince and more, which are sold at many outlets throughout the island.

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