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Experience the beaches

Even a full week on Naxos is not enough to explore and enjoy all of its beaches! The largest of the Cycladic islands offers so many beautiful places to go for a swim, to relax and to sunbathe that even the locals may not have visited all of them! The most popular -and one of the best beaches in Greece- is Agios Prokopios. The organized beach is just 5 km away from Chora and is especially famous for its fine, thin white sand that forms dunes near its one end. Its protection from strong winds makes this beach even more attractive and explains, along with its beauty, its popularity. Agia Anna is the “sister” beach to Agios Prokopios. It is equally picturesque and sandy, but due to its location, it is not protected by the strong winds, making it ideal for windsurfers and watersports.

Agios Georgios is a family friendly beach and just a few meters away from the Chora and our Hotel. The long sandy beach is fully organized, with shallow & warm waters making it ideal for families with children. Another sandy beach that popular is Plaka. Being the favourite during the Flower Power of the hippies movement in the 70s, Plaka, with its crystal blue Aegean waters, has transformed into the best place for a calm and quiet dive. From the beach one can see the small “Glaronisi” island, where cormorants tend to gather.

If one wishes to travel a bit further from the Naxos Chora, Mikri Vigla is located 16 km away, but still very popular and a favourite of many locals. It is very well organized and the many cafes and taverns near by are the perfect place to unwind after a swim. It has a small headland going in the sea, with white thin sand. Its clear blue waters attract many wind & kite surfers! If you’re looking for something not organized, Psili Ammos is situated at the east side of Naxos. It is a wide beach, famed for the quality of its thin and white sand. It also brings in mind tropical landscapes, as tall cedar trees grow from inside the dunes.