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What’s on in Naxos

Naxos, especially during summertime, is the perfect place to be. Full of people in Bars and on the paved streets of Chora. The nights on Naxos is equally beautiful and energetic as the days. Countless small cafes await your order to help you unwind and relax, from the first moment you set your foot on the island. But during the night, all those little corners and paved arcades come to life, offering a more lively way to let loose, with a playlists for every taste. Agia Anna beach is particularly renowned for its many sea-side restaurants and cafes and Agios Prokopios for its wild parties -night and day- at its many beach bars.

There are many cultural events taking place at Naxos every year. They cover the fields of music, cinema, theater, dance, photography, poetry and more and are spread throughout the whole island. Naxos’ most famous ones are the “Naxos Festival” organized by the Municipality of Drymalia and the Cultural Organization “AION”, in collaboration with the famed Benaki Museum and most of its events are hosted in Bazeos Tower, the “Axia Music Festival” which is held annually in Halki Village and is highly appreciated by the Greek lovers of classical music. September’s “Dionysia Festival”, which includes concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions among many other, and of course lots of wine! Other equally important, but slightly less popular are the Raki Distillery Festival, the Klidonas Festival in Aghios Prokopios, the Potato Festival at Aghia Anna and the Fisherman Feast in Apollonas Village.

Naxos island, counts on plenty of civil and religious festivals, some of which date back to the first years of Christianity. Once a year the villages and settlements of Naxos celebrate their patron saints with traditional dances and music at central spots of the island so that everyone can take part in these festive celebrations. Just like οn every other island of the Aegean, on the 15th of August the whole island celebrates one of Orthodox Christianity’s biggest feast, the Day of Virgin Mary, simply called in Greek “Dhekapendavgoustos” or “Tis Panaghias”. Every village, town and city in Greece celebrates the Mother of God, and so happens in Naxos, but the best place to experience the summer celebrations is in Filoti, at the Panagia Filotissa church, that stands for over 200 years and draws the locals for its icon of the Virgin Mary is said to be miraculous. On July the 14th, Naxos honors its patron saint, Agios Nikodeimos Agioritis, in Chora with ceremonies, a procession and in typical Greek fashion, a lively feast with local delicacies and wine! At the end of June, Melanes village celebrates its patrons Agioi Apostoloi (Saint Apostles) with a three-day festival, which ends on 29th of June, day of the Saints. Koronos village also honors its patron Aghia Marina on 17th of July with a lovely and lively feast. At the same village, every Holy Friday, before Easter, the locals gather at Panagia Agrokiliotissa church to worship the icon of the Holy Virgin and vowing to her for her help.

Here’s a list of religious celebrations around the island.

• Saint Irene in Kynidaro – on 5th May

• Saint Thalalaioy Saint Thalalaio – on 20th May

• Holy Apostles at Melanes – on 30th June

• Saint Sunday in Potamia – on 7th July

• Agios Prokopios in Agios Prokopis – on 8th July

• St. Nicodemos the country & Glinado – on 14th July

• Agia Marina in Agidia & Koronos – on 17th July

• Agia Anna in the Holy Anna – on 25th July

• Agia Paraskevi in Kynidaro – on 26th July

• Agios Pandeleimonas in Agersani – on 27th July

• The Saviour-Glinado, Damarionas – on 6th August

• Mary around the island – on 15th August

• Novena of our Lady on Tripods – on 23rd August

• Saint John-Apiranthos Apollo & Agersani – on 29th August

• Theoskepasti Komiaki & in Potamia – on 8th September

• Panagia Drosiani Moni – on 8th September

• Holy Cross on Tripods & Moni – on 14th September

• St. Artemios in Kynidaro – on 20th October

• St. Nicholas in Kynidaro – on 6th December