hotel naxos - Porto Naxos hotel



We’re more than excited to announce the opening of Porto Naxos. With the summer fast approaching, it is time to have everything ready, for what promises to be one of the best years for the island.

More and more people choose Naxos as their holiday destination and there are many reasons why is that. The island’s rich history, its authentic people, its sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, the taste of local dishes, all these are among the main reasons why everybody wants to visit Naxos.

All the staff and personnel of Porto Naxos is thrilled to participate in this trip called Summer15, where the destination is an authentic and full experience from Naxos. We’ll be happy to help you organize and plan your trip, from start to end, or simply recommend a good taverna or bike trail, because we really understand your need to relax, have fun and release yourselves.

So if you’re looking for an authentic Cycladic experience, Naxos is the perfect choice and Porto Naxos, with its elegant aesthetics and modern amenities awaits to accommodate you during your vacation!